Lent 40: Ending

So, I did okay for a while.  Then I slacked off.  I would drive down the street, watching my speed limit and think “I’ve not done well.”  I guess disciplines can teach you whether you stick to them or not.  I didn’t.  At the very least, I am reminded of my iniquity.

Not all is lost.  My Holy Week was full of the unexpected and plenty of blessing.  I had a funeral full of the unusual and the blessed.  I was called to the hospital, where the purpose of this community called the church was renewed.  Two handfuls gathered for Holy Thursday and the peace was passed as was the body and blood of Christ.  Good Friday was solemn but for some reason the word of God flowed in a powerful way.  On both nights, the story featured.  I’ve learned that the story is the most important aspect.

So I am awaiting Easter day.  I have 4 more services to go.  Then it’s a short jaunt to Pentecost and the long, winding road of ordinary time.  I’m ready for all of it.

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