Reading the Bible Better

You can read the Bible better. It doesn't take a degree in religion. It does require some skills that too often are relegated to the academy. Those skills can be acquired and practiced by everyday people. You probably suspect that there are layers of meaning in the text. You hear great preachers and teachers reveal... Continue Reading →

The Promised Land After Charlottesville

After Charlottesville, what changes? The change is what matters. The posturing doesn't matter. The marching only matters as a means to an end. After Charlottesville, as in after Charleston, Ferguson and Baltimore, what matters is the change in society to where black Americans can say "Yes! We are truly free!" Perhaps we forget this larger... Continue Reading →

On Trans

I had a trans woman in a previous congregation. Before transitioning, she had served in the military, reaching a high rank. She lost everything in the transition: job, military benefits, spouse, and was more-or-less homeless when I knew her. What she did gain by transitioning was a sense of freedom to be who she wanted... Continue Reading →

Adventures of O

Note: I've been telling bedtime stories to my son (age 4). Here's one of them. Once upon a time there was a young boy named Ollie. And Ollie loved to read. He loved books of all kinds: books about animals, books about spaceships, books about cooking, books about flowers and books about the ocean. One... Continue Reading →

Pulse and the Church

Being the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting which claimed 29 lives, I am thinking of the environment in which that tragedy occurred. It would be easy for me to say, 'I wasn't a part of that'. I live nowhere near Orlando. I am not gay. I hate dancing. The communities and people involved are... Continue Reading →

On Bishop Oliveto

Everything I've ever learned about loving my LGBTQ neighbors as myself, I learned through the United Methodist CHurch. Everything I've learned about fully including, welcoming and valuing LGBTQ people in the church and society at large, I learned through the UMC. This weekend, while the church was spinning from the Judicial Council's decision regarding Bishop... Continue Reading →


At 5:30am our beloved kitty Daisy let out an odd growl/yelp. I initially thought she had caught a rodent or something, though that is completely against her character. When I found her in the closet she was toppled over against the wall. I eased her into a more comfortable position and with a few gasps, she... Continue Reading →

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