Dear Mr. President: A Letter on Compassion for our Haitian neighbors

I sent this to President Biden this morning. Dear Mr. President,                                                                                September 21, 2021 “To whom much has been given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48). We have been given a lot in this country, have we not? As you know, many of our fellow Irish descendants came here on the heels of immense tragedy of hunger and famine. Where would you be had the … Continue reading Dear Mr. President: A Letter on Compassion for our Haitian neighbors

Garage Church

Prolific 1980s pop philosopher William R Joel once said “Life is a series of Hellos and Good-byes. I’m afraid it’s time for Good-bye again.” Itinerant ministers become accustomed to saying Good-bye, it’s my turn again. I know these things stretch out and get annoying before they’re done. There is often a little bit of relief when the day to leave finally arrives: at least you … Continue reading Garage Church

Mr. President, Vaccinate the Teachers

Dear Mr. President, I am writing to ask you to prioritize the vaccination of teachers. I suspect that many are vying for your attention on this matter. Please hear out my case for vaccinating teachers sooner rather than later. My wife Meredith and I have two kids, a fifth-grader named Anna and a second-grader named Ollie. They have both been in remote learning since March … Continue reading Mr. President, Vaccinate the Teachers

This Year Together

This year togetherYou’ve maneuvered wiselyYou’ve used your words, screaming at times, breathless at timesYou’ve said what you wantedYou wanted timeMy time, with you, your termsYou spoke your needYou worked the family and the calendar and the traditionsScaled the barrier and brought a dream into fruition. You also shared a joy, created an opportunity and dreamt big.  I’m so proud of you. Not only proud: humbledNot only humbled: moved, … Continue reading This Year Together

Dear Mr. President (-Elect) 12Nov2020

Dear Mr. President (-elect), Congratulations on your election as President of the United States. I am inspired by your perseverance. And I want you to know that I’ll be praying for you daily: for your health, your happiness and success in your work. Last July (2019), I traveled to El Paso, TX, joining hundreds of clergy and spiritual leaders. We were there, troubled in our … Continue reading Dear Mr. President (-Elect) 12Nov2020


About a month ago, a series of convergences helped me. I was called troll and blocked online I walked down a muddy hill. “You’re just a troll, and a piss poor one at that.” With those words, the admin of the Uncensored Ridgefield Facebook group blocked me. Several others followed suit. And my time in the group abruptly ended. If I saw this admin around … Continue reading Convergences

Trump goes Biblical at St. James Church

If you’re looking for a Biblical parallel to Trump’s photo stunt in front of St. James Church, look no further than the “desolating sacrilege” of Daniel chapter 9. Jesus had his own warning about the desolating sacrilege in his day (Matthew 24). What’s the Desolating Sacrilege? Daniel petitions the Lord for mercy for Jerusalem, who has been overrun with corruption and injustice. Daniel confesses his … Continue reading Trump goes Biblical at St. James Church