Gun Violence Will Not Go Away

An Evangelist is someone who brings a message of good news. This is the opposite of that. Gun violence and mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas are not going away. We can't even call them the new norm anymore. They're just the norm. And the norm is increasing gun violence. President Obama famously noted... Continue Reading →

On Bishop Oliveto

Everything I've ever learned about loving my LGBTQ neighbors as myself, I learned through the United Methodist CHurch. Everything I've learned about fully including, welcoming and valuing LGBTQ people in the church and society at large, I learned through the UMC. This weekend, while the church was spinning from the Judicial Council's decision regarding Bishop... Continue Reading →

A Sermon on Epiphany

On January 6, the second-most important day in the Christian calendar was celebrated. Did you have an Epiphany celebration on Friday? Epiphany rightfully belongs in the upper tier of Christian holy days. It is as important as Christmas day. And western Christianity has lost something in forgetting the Epiphany. Epiphany predates Christmas. It commemorates the... Continue Reading →


At 5:30am our beloved kitty Daisy let out an odd growl/yelp. I initially thought she had caught a rodent or something, though that is completely against her character. When I found her in the closet she was toppled over against the wall. I eased her into a more comfortable position and with a few gasps, she... Continue Reading →

Why People Voted

This past Sunday, as part of a service to help people process the election, I asked people to share 'what they were hoping for when they voted'. I aked them to share these hopes by writing them down. I asked people to NOT tell me who they voted for. I encouraged their anonymity. Here is... Continue Reading →

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