Dear Mr. President: A Letter on Compassion for our Haitian neighbors

I sent this to President Biden this morning. Dear Mr. President,                                                                                September 21, 2021 “To whom much has been given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48). We have been given a lot in this country, have we not? As you know, many of our fellow Irish descendants came here on the heels of immense tragedy of hunger and famine. Where would you be had the … Continue reading Dear Mr. President: A Letter on Compassion for our Haitian neighbors


About a month ago, a series of convergences helped me. I was called troll and blocked online I walked down a muddy hill. “You’re just a troll, and a piss poor one at that.” With those words, the admin of the Uncensored Ridgefield Facebook group blocked me. Several others followed suit. And my time in the group abruptly ended. If I saw this admin around … Continue reading Convergences

The Church in a Strike

Dear Church, What shall we as Christians think and do regarding the ongoing controversies between teachers and their employing school districts? I offer these principles and practices for your consideration. Principles Traditionally United Methodists favor strong public schools and the rights of people to bargain collectively. Specifically, we have adopted the following social principles and resolutions. We believe that every person has the right to … Continue reading The Church in a Strike

This Week in Ministry

Sunday 6/24 Left PNWAC18 early to make it back for the dedication of Project Transformation interns. Missed a moving floor address by Rachel Byers (38:00). Thanking God for the powers of the internet to see what I missed. Monday 6/25 Welcomed a new season of Project Transformation to Orchards UMC. We had increasing attendance all week. The interns performed well. I’m glad to open this … Continue reading This Week in Ministry

Immeasurable Loss

Turn in Your Pre-Conference Journal to page… Is there a statistic anywhere of LGBTQ+ clergy who have fled the UMC for other denominations or other fields of service? I suspect not. I further suspect that there is no accounting for the LGBTQ+ laity we have lost to other denominations as a result of the ongoing consternation over including LGBTQ+ people in the denomination. I ask … Continue reading Immeasurable Loss

Project Transformation…a pathway to the church

In a few weeks, 50-60 kids will descend upon our humble church facility for Project Transformation. And I am so excited for them to meet you. I am excited for the kids to be nurtured and loved all summer long. I am excited for the college interns who will run Project Transformation to grow in their service and dedication to the “least of these” (who … Continue reading Project Transformation…a pathway to the church