Dear Mr. President: A Letter on Compassion for our Haitian neighbors

I sent this to President Biden this morning.

Dear Mr. President,                                                                                September 21, 2021

“To whom much has been given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48).

We have been given a lot in this country, have we not? As you know, many of our fellow Irish descendants came here on the heels of immense tragedy of hunger and famine. Where would you be had the United States rounded them up and shipped them back into famine and poverty?

The Haitian people have suffered their own immense tragedy on the heels of multiple natural disasters. And now, our Homeland Security is rounding them up with whips and horses? And now, our immigration officials are shipping them back into a disaster zone? This is disgraceful.

Mr. President, it is time to use your authority to end Title 42. It has been blocked by a court, but these deportations are still happening. I beg of you to find the authority to stop this insanity. I implore you to tap into your own lineage and see the grace and the chance your people were given just a few generations ago. You know what the right thing to do is because you are the heir of opportunity. It’s time to make right a perpetual wrongdoing on our southern border.

Finally, Mr. President, you campaigned on the ideas of decency and compassion. The Haitian people are in dire need of that decency and compassion. There is plenty of room in this country for these refugees. Please find the room in your heart.


Rev. Christopher Gudger-Raines,
Mount Vernon, Washington

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