Project Transformation…a pathway to the church

In a few weeks, 50-60 kids will descend upon our humble church facility for Project Transformation. And I am so excited for them to meet you. I am excited for the kids to be nurtured and loved all summer long. I am excited for the college interns who will run Project Transformation to grow in their service and dedication to the “least of these” (who … Continue reading Project Transformation…a pathway to the church

On Bishop Oliveto

Everything I’ve ever learned about loving my LGBTQ neighbors as myself, I learned through the United Methodist CHurch. Everything I’ve learned about fully including, welcoming and valuing LGBTQ people in the church and society at large, I learned through the UMC. This weekend, while the church was spinning from the Judicial Council’s decision regarding Bishop Karen Oliveto, I was with the United Methodist Women training … Continue reading On Bishop Oliveto

Moral Foundations for Living in Trump’s America (Part 3 of 3)

I have been working through moral foundations for living in the US under President Donald Trump. I sketched out these ideas at the end of last year and they seemed so theoretical. Like it’s part of a mind trick to say that Love and Truth are moral foundations. To me, these seem so basic. Maybe it’s necessary to go back to the basics. When sketching … Continue reading Moral Foundations for Living in Trump’s America (Part 3 of 3)

A Sermon on Epiphany

On January 6, the second-most important day in the Christian calendar was celebrated. Did you have an Epiphany celebration on Friday? Epiphany rightfully belongs in the upper tier of Christian holy days. It is as important as Christmas day. And western Christianity has lost something in forgetting the Epiphany. Epiphany predates Christmas. It commemorates the ways Jesus is ‘revealed’ or manifested among us…meaning when we … Continue reading A Sermon on Epiphany


At 5:30am our beloved kitty Daisy let out an odd growl/yelp. I initially thought she had caught a rodent or something, though that is completely against her character. When I found her in the closet she was toppled over against the wall. I eased her into a more comfortable position and with a few gasps, she died. She was 10 years old. She was a lovely … Continue reading Daisy

Yes, Your Theology Matters, Even to a 7-year old

In conversation with another parent, my wife and I shared that we are pastors (you never know how that’s going to go). A few minutes later she asked us what our week is like. As we started to describe what we had been doing, I felt an empowering assurance that we were both doing worthwhile things and that they were absolutely appropriate for a pastor. She … Continue reading Yes, Your Theology Matters, Even to a 7-year old