Lent 25: Growth

It is the purpose of Lent to take the Christian practitioner to a higher level of commitment to the Lord.  I began today speeding my way to the midwives’ office.  Inside, we discovered that our baby is going well and is on track to arrive on April 22nd as scheduled.  As of tomorrow, that will be exactly 4 weeks away.  I left the office and put the midwives’ phone number in my speed dial, readying for that day.  There is no way my reliance on the Lord will not be tested.

I sat down with some CPE students for lunch and tried to support them in their endeavors.  They are working hard, dealing with death on a daily basis and growing stronger in the process.  Funny how someone’s passing directly impacts another in a meaningful way.

I sat down with a parishioner who has lost her speech through a stroke.  She is incredibly sweet.  After several years, I have been having a hard time recently.  I say the same things, pray the same prayers, and feel generally impotent to communicate with her.  And I am sad, because she was a great conversation.

My work day ended with our Companions in Christ session.  The group is really gelling well, in a way that is exciting.  I am watching some really blossoming.  Some are veterans of covenanting with others are really showing their wisdom.  We rewrote our covenant today and I think all are encouraged.  I am too.

Disciplines Scorecard:

1a) Driving the speed limit–Realizing my tardiness to the midwives’ I broke this rule early.  1:4

1b) Foul Language–I bless people out while driving too often.  1:4

2) Fasting Lunch–Ate at hospital. 1:4

3) Giving up Facebook–4:4

4) Reading–Read at lunch and dinner.  4:4

5) Something between God and me–2:4

6) Visitation–Yes.  love IR.  4:4

7) Guitar–No.  1:4

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