So here is some of the art that will greet our firstborn when s/he comes home for the first time.  These are prints from strawberry luna, an artist in Pittsburgh.  She has an alphabet series, of which three letters are shown left.  There is no particular reason why we selected these 3 letters.  There are quail that run along the road at M’s parents home.  I like orange, hence the orange nightingale.  The turtle…dunno why.

This is one of the wishes I have for our first little bundle of joy.  I was lucky to find music…the best Christmas I ever received was a guitar when I was 17.  And even though I can barely draw a stick figure, despite a decade of art lessons, at least I have a sense of beauty.  Because of art, I understand the world better.  As the gray winter melted and gave way to the vibrancy of spring, I needed the color.  Few things awaken me as fully as the yellow of the forsythia and the aroma of lilac.  So I want my child to have art.  I hope that I do no have too many expectations, but sharing art is a joy.  I look forward to the art that my lineage brings home to share with me.     ~c.

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