G’night Little Girl, Don’t Be Like Daddy

Don’t hold your tongue when there’s truth to say. Don’t clench your fist when there’s mercy to give. Don’t throw your boots off when there’s horses to hay. Don’t lay on the couch when there’s life to live. Don’t make excuses for failing to love. Don’t say no to walks on the beach. Don’t overlook the slightest move. Don’t keep loved-ones out of reach. Don’t … Continue reading G’night Little Girl, Don’t Be Like Daddy

Lenten Sonnet

Give up your meat, give up your right to win. Take on the shame, behold your righteous rags. While stepping in the foot-tracks of your sin, The stony weight upon your back now sags. With shoulders slumped the pathway rises on While skeletons of yesteryear appear And chatter with their mercies well withdrawn The incline rises ever more severe. Lift up thine eyes, a Savior … Continue reading Lenten Sonnet