This Day

This park bench. This sunny sky. This pond overlook. This Thursday of holiness. This escape from work. This unsuccessful escape from worry. This break from job description reading. This pause in phantom interview taking. This poem reminding me I have a job. This booklet begging to be filled. This mind full of concern. This soul bereft of friendship. This theology challenged by crucifixion. This humility … Continue reading This Day

Drive By Poetry

A man wrecks his car looking at a rainbow…still finds a pot of gold. Not the kind that princes seek glistening in the Columbian sunshine, but the kind that builds up in bus station corners, lines up for government cheese, piles up on the lower rungs of recovery. This, after the insurance company said “No, rainbows are not an act of God”. [Noah, bleary-eyed, snickers … Continue reading Drive By Poetry

POETRY: Kitties, Crickets and Crooked Branches

Kitty in window Oversees lovers at play Blissfully unfree · September cricket Sings a dusky requiem- Rests as cars roar by — That crooked tree must be balancing out the rest of the earth. For she is bent in a gnarly shape, superficially ugly, with patches of green leaves ready to die.  Bending shoots of dead branches testify to the sickness within. She is innocent-no … Continue reading POETRY: Kitties, Crickets and Crooked Branches

About a Book I Recently Finished: “Letters to a Young Poet”

“Letters to a Young Poet” is authored by Rainer Maria Rilke (bio).  They were inspired by correspondence with Franz Xaver Kappus, an admirer and aspiring poet.  The 10 letters are Rilke’s replies to Kappus’ inquiries and writings.  As a whole, the letters are philosophical, initially revealing Rilke’s approach to writing, later his embrace of a life of “aloneness”.  Rilke is extraordinarily appreciative of Kappus’ and … Continue reading About a Book I Recently Finished: “Letters to a Young Poet”