Perhaps I’ll Die in the Fog of Dementia

Perhaps I’ll die in the fog of dementia.Perhaps I’ll forget what buttons do and I’ll get mad because I am cold and madder because someone I don’t know is putting a jacket on me.Perhaps I’ll look into those eyes and not recall our decades of moving and being as one. Will I know you still love me?Even then, maybe I’ll forget the world is full … Continue reading Perhaps I’ll Die in the Fog of Dementia

This Day

This park bench. This sunny sky. This pond overlook. This Thursday of holiness. This escape from work. This unsuccessful escape from worry. This break from job description reading. This pause in phantom interview taking. This poem reminding me I have a job. This booklet begging to be filled. This mind full of concern. This soul bereft of friendship. This theology challenged by crucifixion. This humility … Continue reading This Day