(Not-So) Lectionary Haikus


On the heap of fish
Challenged to follow Jesus
Simon drops his nets

to follow Jesus

A maturing Lent
means less fun and more struggle-
Ah! The good ol’ days


Let go of fear.
Let go of the net.
Let go of business-as-usual.
Let go of apathy, cynicism, sloth and lust.

Let go of war-as-an-answer.
Let go of ‘we can’t afford that’.
Let go of ‘you’re not welcome here’.
Let go of ‘those people’ and the
crooking of the nose and the
sneering of the brow and the
withholding of the open hand and the
robbing of dignity.

Follow me to fish for people.
Follow me to love without limit.
Follow me to see God in action.
Follow me to be the child of God: important, committed, beloved and free.

RE: Peter’s Calling (Luke 5:1-11)

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