G’night Little Girl, Don’t Be Like Daddy

Don’t hold your tongue when there’s truth to say.
Don’t clench your fist when there’s mercy to give.
Don’t throw your boots off when there’s horses to hay.
Don’t lay on the couch when there’s life to live.

Don’t make excuses for failing to love.
Don’t say no to walks on the beach.
Don’t overlook the slightest move.
Don’t keep loved-ones out of reach.

Don’t judge others by the company they keep.
Don’t assume you know best, there’s plenty to learn.
Don’t worry that the mountain ahead is too steep.
Don’t talk too much about how much you earn.

Don’t live a long life without learning to share.
Don’t put up with chains on your wrists or your soul.
Don’t text while you drive, don’t you even dare.
Don’t harp on the details while missing the whole.

Just find out who you’re supposed to be.
Just thank those who help you along the good way.
Just know you are loved and meant to be free.
Just hope for tomorrow and live for today.

Image: "Single Tree" by felixrioux
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