The Body of Christ in the None Zone

What I love about church in the None Zone: No cultural Christianity: They’re is no civic version of the religion telling you what Christianity is (ie. Patriotism, gender roles, etc.) Deliberate choice to be in church: We’ve all heard the None’s reasonings and have decided to pursue Jesus anyhow. This makes for a stronger church member. None’s keep us honest and transparent: Some of the None’s reasonings are … Continue reading The Body of Christ in the None Zone

This Week in Ministry

This week in ministry, I… passed out chocolate kisses, drank beer and ate pizza, scrubbed urinals at the shelter, hung up garland poorly, wrote to the Bishop, read a book on my phone, thought a lot about John the Baptist, wondered what to say or do about terrorism and gun violence, recruited parishioners for a new ministry. Things are getting busier, but most of what there is to … Continue reading This Week in Ministry