This Week in Ministry

Sometimes I feel like I ought to wear my collar during the week, just to better illustrate the things I do as a pastor. This week I just did  a lot of seeing other people in various capacities. So this we, as a pastor, I …

  • ate a ton of Thanksgiving food, almost 2 weeks before the actual day.
  • stumbled over praying for Paris, then wrote a Pastoral Letter to compensate.
  • began a #givingtuesday campaign on our Facebook page to illustrate Methodist mission work.
  • studied, advocated and organized Simple Board governance to come to Orchards.
  • went to two meetings only to find that they had been cancelled.
  • had two pastoral lunches with parishioners.
  • created Christmas Eve service for children.
  • learned a lot about sheep and goats for a talk on Jesus’ farewell discourse.

Plus, I put together a Christmas gift for my family that I am very proud of. And I had a nice, restful Sabbath with the family. In all, it was a good week.

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