The Body of Christ in the None Zone

What I love about church in the None Zone:

  • No cultural Christianity: They’re is no civic version of the religion telling you what Christianity is (ie. Patriotism, gender roles, etc.)
  • Deliberate choice to be in church: We’ve all heard the None’s reasonings and have decided to pursue Jesus anyhow. This makes for a stronger church member.
  • None’s keep us honest and transparent: Some of the None’s reasonings are due to pain from the church…the church locally has learned to recognize this painful history and many have adopted ways to not repeat it.
  • Sense of ecumenism: We all love our traditions, but we know that we need our ecumenical friends.
  • Sense of camaraderie: Less competition, more collaboration
  • Room to innovate: Being small and regularly on the brink, we have developed a sense of freedom to try new things. This brings joy and fun to the work of ministry.

What about you? What do you love about church in your context?

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