Missing Mommy: A Book Review

In a week of holy grieving, let’s remember that not all grieving gets resolved through immediate, physical resurrection. The very nature of death is that the deceased doesn’t come back.

Missing Mommy by Rebecca Cobb is a book for children who have lost a parent. It is difficult to read not only for the subject matter but for the stunningly gracious manner in which it is portrayed. The book is characterized by simple language and delicate illustration of the feelings and questions grieving children endure. Trite answers are spurned, thank God. But there is plenty of helpful advice, like the gentle nod to seek counseling and to look at pictures. I also appreciate how the grieving spouse is honored for the especial difficulty he faces.

I’ll probably buy the book and bury it on the shelf because it’s beautiful and useful. I hope I never have to give it to someone.

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