Inspirations: The Pennant Wall

erics pennantsI am trying to be a better pastor. How does one do that? What makes a good pastor? How does one quantify such an amorphous position?

Really, almost all of it is subjective. The job description is ridiculous and unobtainable. Most of what I’m expected to do is not even in the job description: be nice, be caring, don’t get angry, be available, don’t be too political, be funny, be approachable. The role of pastor is a “being” role as much as it is a “doing” role. But you have to be a doer, too.

I guess one way to measure success as a pastor is to note the people who’s lives you have impacted. Admittedly, that’s kind of tough. I know the people who have left the church because of me. It always gets back. And it always hurts. Then there was that one time I had to be the one to leave. That still hurts.

My buddy is a school teacher at an institution of higher education. When his students graduate and enter graduate school, they often send him a pennant from their grad school. He has a wall full of these pennants, a visual record of his impact. Maybe I can plaster my wall with funeral pamphlets.

Sarcasm aside, I’m trying to be a better pastor. After several years of stumbles and set-backs, the opportunity to realize real impact is upon me. And I’m clearing space on my office wall.

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