Who Am I and Why Am I Here (Blogging 101)

I am following WordPress.com’s Blogging 101 course. Here is the assignment for September 15 “Introduce Yourself”

My name is Christopher Gudger-Raines. I blog to collect my thoughts. I blog to write, as a discipline and an artform. I blog to hash out ideas and concerns.

My blog has had several iterations over the years and has rarely had much of a following. I think it is time to be more productive with my ideas: more willing to share, more willing to put ideas out there that may be “bad”, more willing to work for the good of t the whole.

I blog as a pastor, specifically, to share insight from the perspective of a clergyperson. I blog to work out concerns and ideas about church: local, denominational, global, etc. And I blog to keep my sanity within this sometimes maddening thing called the church.

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