My Challenge to Glenn Beck

Dear Mr. Beck,

I am writing to challenge you to an hour-long debate on social justice as a Christian concern.  As I do not have cable or satellite TV, I do not watch your show and know very little about you.  Nevertheless, I did hear about your statement regarding churches that promote social justice.  Obviously, since I am challenging you, I hold a different view on the matter.

As for credentials, I am a United Methodist pastor serving three churches in Morgantown, WV.  As you probably know, the United Methodist Church has a long history of Christian concern for matters of social justice, dating all the way back to the founder of Methodism, John Wesley.  I am attaching a copy of our social principles as a matter of information regarding what our global church believes.

Otherwise, I am 34-years old, married, and expecting my first child within the next few weeks.  I love being a pastor and the United Methodist Church.  My belief in social justice was formed through my experience as a US-2, a United Methodist young adult mission program which emphasizes social justice as a Christian virtue.  It is currently expressed through my service with Habitat for Humanity and a local homeless outreach called MUSHROOM.  I am excited that local churches in Morgantown are partnering with the City and County governments to form a task force on homelessness, to address the growing population in Morgantown.  This is a typical example of social justice.

Mr. Beck, I believe that such a conversation would make for great TV.  I invite you to consider the proposal and let me know what you think.  If you are game, we can discuss format, specific topics, etc.  My contact information is below.


Rev. Christopher Gudger-Raines

4 thoughts on “My Challenge to Glenn Beck

  1. manKIND cannot give us ‘social justice.’ America has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. For the sins of America, God will turn his wrath on us. We have made govt out to be ‘g’od. We will pay for this.


  2. With all due respect, Reverend, I believe the programs you describe are more closely related to “social outreach” programs. Social Justice is more akin to Robin Hood than Mother Theresa. It is purely about redistribution of wealth and goods. It is NOT about good Christians willingly and charitably helping those in need. It is about taking from one and giving to another. If you believe in FORCED redistribution of wealth, you have something to debate. Otherwise, I think you have a 30 second spot on TV.


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