Lent 18: Variety Show

It always amazes me just how varied the pastor’s role can be.  The morning required pastoral care, the early afternoon required confession, the mid-afternoon required fellowship, the later afternoon required administration, the evening required justice.  I think of how various portions of the brain control different aspects of our being.  On Lent day 18, I think I used all quadrants.  It was not like I had it scheduled in, either.  Just the demands of the moment forced me to don all these hats, on only one head.  I am not interested in comparing this to other professions.  Certainly teachers and nurses and many others have to use their whole being to do what they do.  Pastor’s simply have to be agile in meeting the needs and demands of any given moment.  I hope I lived up to the billing today.

1a)  Driving the speed limit–Got everywhere on time, even prevented myself from speeding when I was rushing in the morning.  3:4

1b)  Foul language–I think I did well despite being hurried throughout.  Oh…no…I had one outburst in the car.  2:4

2)  Fasting Lunch–No.  1:4

3)  Giving up Facebook–Yes.  4:4

4)  Reading–No.  1:4

5)  Something strictly between God and me–Yes, even worked on a past grievance.  4:4

6)  Visitation–Yes, all morning.  4:4

7)  Guitar–I thought this would help my over all score.  1:4

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