This Week in Ministry


  • Worship, begun Lenten series, looked at the reality of evil.



  • Breakfast with Friends of the Carpenter, local homeless outreach/woodworking shop ministry. Won this beautiful hand-turned chalice and paten. Also saw an Olympic gold medal courtesy of Roni Sasaki!
  • Long but good day with District Committee on Ministry.
  • Visited the local PFLAG chapter, apologized for the UMC/General Conference, heard pretty squarely the impact we have had on them this week and invited them to share at Orchards March 31.


  • Morning of Worship Prep.
  • Lunch Buddy…dude’s growing up fast.
  • Grief Group


  • Phone call with Council Chair
  • Planning meeting for an upcoming memorial.
  • Home visit
  • Coffee with parishioner
  • Council meeting reflecting and planning engagements to General Conference. A good, thorough approach.


  • Day off wife. Weather was amazing.


  • Local NAACP meeting, addressing local police shootings.
  • Writing liturgy/blog/sermon bits for New Zealand.

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