Praying for GC2019 Pt. 4

Dear Church,

I want to begin by apologizing for missing last week’s post. I had a post begun, but in the chaos of life it languished in the draft folder and never got out in time. I want to continue asking you to pray for General Conference 2019 which is only 3 weeks away. This is the most consequential meeting of United Methodists since our founding in 1968. The implications have the potential to be deep and far-reaching.

To pick up from the post a few weeks ago, I would like to ask you to set aside some time to watch this panel discussion on the four leading plans going to General Conference 2019. These are various plans to resolving our long-standing disagreement on how the church approaches matters of human sexuality. It is a long conversation to give yourself time to digest and watch it all. You’ll hear from the plans’ major proponents.

Again…prayer and study is what we can do now.

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