Praying for GC 2019

Dear Church,

As I shared in last week’s Sower article, I am asking us to pray for General Conference 2019 taking place in St. Louis February 23-26. This General Conference will address the church’s stances on issues of human sexuality amidst a climate of serious division.

It’s hard to pray in the darkness of ignorance and I am aware that this may seem very new and confusing to you. To help your understanding and perhaps you’re praying, I invite you to check out this presentation by Bishop Sally Dyck of the Northern Illinois Annual Conference. Bishop Dyck outlines ho we got to this point as well as the 3 plans proposed by the Commission on the Way Forward.

If you want a more in-depth look at each plan, below Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball of the West Virginia Annual Conference takes a closer look at each option.

Each of these plans will be presented at General Conference 2019. The “One Church Plan” will come with an endorsement by the Council of Bishops, though the GC2019 delegation will ultimately be the ones voting.

Again, please pray through this season of discernment. I think for now, the prayers are for good will, respect and humility among the delegates. I don’t see how a faithful Christian outcome can arise without these elements.

Pastor Christopher

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