This Week in Ministry

Sunday 5/20

  • Had an okay worship: preached on Pentecost with a German + audience participation rendering of the scripture. Lots of people away.
  • Welcomed Jennifer Beeks (Family Community Resource Center Director at Orchards Elementary School) to speak at our potluck. Shared about her work and the kids that will be coming to us through Project Transformation. I am amazed at the work FCRCs do and I am deeply concerned about how much we as a society expect out of our public schools.

Monday 5/21

  • Visited with a local benefactor about the possibility of bringing a laundry ministry to the church.
  • Visited with folks from Council for the Homeless about reviving the Village Support Network-a great and creative program from a now-defunct agency.
  • Both of these meetings involved working connections and dreaming up new ways for people to collaborate. It’s one of my favorite things about ministry and I feel a particular knack at it.

Tuesday 5/22

  • Took the kids with me to “Covington Breakfast” a bi-weekly breakfast we host for a local YoungLife chapter. Watched 3 members feed 30 kids while they got a good support and challenge from a teacher-mentor. Took some names so we can pray for them over the summer break.
  • Took the rest of the day off as a “mental-health day”.

Wednesday 5/23

  • Late start day at kids’ school meant a late, quick but productive office morning. Worked on getting things ready for the summer with Project Transformation. Best part was discovering that we had raised all the money for our buy-in to host the program.
  • Had a lazy but good time with my lunch buddy at Orchards Elementary.
  • Really miffed that I missed the Evergreen Faith-Based Coffee.

Thursday 5/24

  • Did a lot of worship prep for the coming weeks. Genesis is no slouch y’all.
  • Spent the afternoon with the Council for the Homeless as they prepare an update to their Homeless Action Plan. Have a promising follow-up to get out Tuesday connecting a new contact to work being done through Faith Partners for Housing group.
  • Had a late-for-us training session for Project Transformation. Tough having to take kids when it’s their bedtime but they really did great. It’s crunch time for us with volunteers and registrations.

Friday 5/25

  • Had a great day off with my little buddy. Can’t believe how big he’s getting. And I love him to pieces. Road bikes all morning and spent time at the library. He’s so charming and funny and smart.
  • Had a great rest of the day off after picking up our second grader. She’s so intriguing. Seems to absorb all things around her. She’s a ponderer with a sneaky silly side and keen fashion sense.

Saturday 5/26

  • Long day with the kids. Washed the van, enjoyed more park time and cleaned the house. Went to the airport early to watch planes land and wait for Mommy.
  • Wife came home from a long week at Festival of Homiletics. Everyone is happy!

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