Project Transformation, Day 1

I remember my first week as a camp counselor. I had just finished two years in a very intense children’s home. I had done summer camp before. I had a college degree under my belt. I was accomplished and capable. Then the kids came. I was paired with an experience co-counselor, who grew up going to Camp Glenkirk. But at the halfway mark of the first week…we were struggling. We couldn’t get through to the kids. They were officially running the asylum. My brother was the Assistant Camp Director and he pulled me aside. We chatted about the struggles. I vented. He listened and then established a standard to obtain. Finally, he sent me back to the campsite with his confidence. By week’s end, we had figured out how to love and lead the kids effectively. That summer working form brother was particularly awesome.

Sitting here as day 1 of Project Transformation comes to a close, I am remembering that it is hard to lead a bevy of kids. But today, this group did it. The interns were focused and making friends quickly. Volunteers were plenty and making good connections with the kids. And the kids were…amazing. They are funny and smart and determined and brave. I wonder who exactly will be most transformed by this endeavor?

Today I learned a lot about Power Rangers, because D. read to us from a Power Rangers book. I learned that A. is a good problem solver as she helped the team get across the log. I learned that feeding kids is rewarding and cleaning up after them is challenging. I learned that R. will be joining us tomorrow and that is a big relief to her mom. I can’t wait to meet her.


2 thoughts on “Project Transformation, Day 1

  1. I asked my grandaughter how her day was. She said FUN. It wasn’t all reading we had arts too. She loves art. She only wanted to do a day or two. I am more optimistic she will enjoy all summer now. I am thankful that OUMC is sponsoring this function. Thank you so much PT….


    1. I hope your granddaughter has a great time every time. And there are lots of book options. I suspect that if we found a book on something she’s interested in, even the reading time wouldn’t be too bad.


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