Why People Voted

This past Sunday, as part of a service to help people process the election, I asked people to share ‘what they were hoping for when they voted’. I aked them to share these hopes by writing them down. I asked people to NOT tell me who they voted for. I encouraged their anonymity. Here is what they said:

  • Policy to remember the less fortunate. Kind words. Maturity, Compassion for all. Servants heart. Life experience of giving to help others. Heart for those less fortunate.
  • I hope our elected President Donald Trump would be come a Christian.
  • Our country to be a peace with all nations.
  • I voted, but I let Jesus take care of our future.
  • My hope A future without fear. (Underline theirs)
  • I voted for an inclusive America where race doesn’t matter_by that I mean that all persons are truly equal.
  • I voted for the nation, political leaders and harmony.
  • Equality.
  • Peace-Unity-Equality
  • Change for the good of all. (Underline theirs)
  • Change!
  • Inclusion and Love
  • I voted so we could move forward inclusively. Leave the division behind.
  • Make the country come together united for all.
  • People that are in severe physical and spiritual poverty.
  • Pray for Grandma Ellie.
  • Peace, health care, homelessness be addressed.
  • Come together to improve-Hope, peace.
  • A change for our country & unity.
  • Hope
  • I was hoping my daughter would feel empowered to be anything she feels called to be.
  • 1. Protect the Constitution. 2. Reduce government interference in decisions that should be ours. They don’t know what we need.
  • Peace & unity of all Americans. Kindness to one another. To know the Lord. To help mentally ill.
  • 1. A Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution. 2. Rage against the machine.
  • It was always my hope, for greater equity, and justice and that the voices of those in need be heard…and this hope remains, as it always must.
  • That God would get the right candidates in so the US can move forward. Everyone work together.
  • Hope: Bring Americans closer to unity. “All men are created equal” is clearly stated in our Constitution.
  • For the people of the USA to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and trust in their government again.


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