A More Valuable Internet

I want my internet time to be more valuable. Right now I consume news and information, make snide anonymous comments and brood at what pops up on my Facebook feed. So one of my resolutions is to do the internet more in line with what I believe and hope to be.

Step one is the ending of Facebook. I’m not trying to be cynical, but I think Facebook enables a style of interaction where one feigns interaction, but really uses the platform for uninhibited sharing. You don’t want me without some inhibitions. Honestly, we all need some filters. Also, it is a colossal time suck. It’s not you, really. It’s me. And I need a different way of being online.

I’d also like to use my blog for doing what I want the internet to be: a place where people share the best of themselves. I want to write more and the blog is already set up for that. So hopefully, I can rediscover what it is to be a practicing theologian…and actually practice.

So, I will miss a lot of things: photos of your kids and stories of your lives. I just need to be healthier. Making healthier choices is all the rage, I hear. So, let’s keep in touch…through email.

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