Age of Discovery

DSC00165-resizedI have a great dad.  My dad is now a great granddad, which reminds me that I have a great dad.  My dad did the ‘providing for the family’ thing working hard at his unglamorous job.  But I only remember a handful of times that he brought it home.  When dad got off work, it was family time.  That is a lesson to me.

My dad was my Webelos leader.  He was my soccer coach.  He was my chauffeur going to church, youth group and choir events.  He was there when I graduated from high school, college and seminary.  He danced at my wedding.  With my mom, he was there when my daughter was born.  Now he’s being a great husband while my mom lives it up with the UMW.  He could have done none of this had he stayed at the office his whole life.  I find myself wanting to be home in time for supper and ruing the times I miss bath and bed with A (which will be 4 times this week).

Not everyone has a great dad.  Our world and our church is full of I-don’t-know-my-dad pain.  How do dads without dads know how to be dads?  Many figure it out, which is a miracle in its own right.  Luckily, I don’t have to look far to find a good dad.  My plan is that my kids won’t have to look far, either.

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