Friday 5: Favorite Posts of Week

My five favorite items of the past week and why I like them:

  1. My Faith: A reluctant churchgoer ‘gets the Holy Ghost’.  John Blake returns to the church of his upbringing, where people “shouted, wept and fainted,” and where his Aunt Sylvia found strength to raise him.
  2. Casualty Call: Reflections on Good Friday.  Joe Carter, a Marine, writes about being a Casualty Assistance Calls Officer, notifying next-of-kin that their beloved has been killed in war.
  3. Vegetables of the Spirit.  Dan Dick shares about the prerequisites to the Fruits of the Spirit.
  4. If They Could Only Stay.  After the earthquake in Haiti, Heather and Aaron Hendrick moved to help.  She shares about maternal care.
  5. Obama and the Easter Kerfuffle.  The GetReligion blog examines how the media overlooks President Obama’s statements of faith.

Good News Link of the Week: Great story about Naples, FL city government partnering with Habitat to address affordable housing needs.

Tweet of the Week: via @ColbertReport

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