On the 11th Day of Christmas

How can I love my enemy, as Jesus commands?  A lot of human division is a matter of focusing on that which divides us.  No matter how great or small the matter that keeps us from loving one another may be, one fact (Truth) that remains is that my enemy is human just like me.

Jesus refocuses our attention, for by entering human flesh, he redeems this life, even as he leads us to life eternal.  God’s act of becoming human in Jesus Christ unifies all humanity in Jesus.  We understand this better at Easter as we say that Jesus died for our sins.  In a similar sense, at Christmas we can say that Jesus lives to bring us together.

So that enemy…God’s ultimate will is for he and I to be reconciled: to put aside differences; to reclaim our friendship; to love one another in truth and in action.  Jesus, Emmanuel–God among us–makes this possible.

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