On the 5th Day of Christmas

At what point did Jesus know he was God’s son and not Joseph’s?  Did Mary share that story aloud; did it happen coming out of the Jordan at baptism; did God tell him at his bar mitzvah?

Jesus’ relationship with God seems to have been intense, but not in a superhuman way.  Jesus prayed; God seemed to talk to him; Jesus was disturbed by what he saw on earth and had times of real struggle with God (see Matthew 26:31 and following).  What sets Jesus’ relationship with God the Father apart?

The Committed Parent is a blog written by Dr. Mark Brady, a neuroscientist and an expert on children and grief.  He writes about the BBQ: the Big Brain Question.  When this question is answered YES, children grow to be more confident, adventurous and productive.  One might think that the Big Brain Question is “Do you love me?”  But that is not the case.  The BBQ is “Are you there for me?

When did Jesus know that he could rely on God the Father?  How can we know that we can count on God?

See: Romans 5:1-11.

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