The Itinerant Preacher’s Car

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I love my car.  2006 Honda Civic, 5-speed.  As I am out of the office more than I am in it, my car is an extension of my office and suffers the consequences.  Here is what is currently in the passenger seat:

  • Jug of kitty litter (unopened)
  • Bag of cat food (unopened)
  • Vote pro-life tract left on my windshield Sunday
  • Six pack of Welch’s Grape Juice, with one unopened bottle
  • 20 lb rock (childrens sermon illustration)
  • Gym bag with running gear (unused)
  • My ‘funeral Bible’ (black leather)
  • Half-eaten bag of pretzels
  • Cookie tin (empty)
  • Charge Conference reports (2009 & 2010)
  • Newsletter from Daycare
  • Habitat building costs list (to include in Christmas fund-raiser)
  • Lots of empty soda bottles

Then there’s the back seat.

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One thought on “The Itinerant Preacher’s Car

  1. I remember when I was in high school and had to ride in my pastor’s car for something, he always had to shovel a ton of stuff around to find a place for me to sit. I couldn’t understand why this was. Then I became a pastor, and my car morphed into something extremely similar to what you describe. (Currently, among other things – bird seed and feeder I keep meaning to hang up, air mattress, clothes for walking at the park, hymnal and pocket book of worship, jacket I only wear for graveside services, several pairs of shoes, the same 6 pack of Welch grape juice, and, funny enough, a half-eaten bag of pretzels.)


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