Lent 7: Dead Battery

Today was so so.  It was average.  It was pretty normal.  M’s breakfast club gave her a nice baby-celebration.  There were gifts and blessings, etc.  It was nice.  Weather was good.  Work went okay, until my phone died.  But it is currently being resurrected.  There is not much to report.

Disciplines Scorecard:

1a)  Driving the speed limit–Did well.  4:4

1b)  Foul language–Needs improvement.  2:4

2)  Fasting lunch–Yes, but not very spiritual.  3:4

3)  Giving up Facebook–Cake.  4:4

4)  Reading–Not yet.  1:4

5)  Something strictly between God and me–Good.  4:4

6)  Visiting Parishioners–Made phone calls setting up for tomorrow.  2:4

7)  Guitar–About 20 minutes.  3:4

One thought on “Lent 7: Dead Battery

  1. I am really enjoying your daily updates! (and the stories that go with them…) You are inspiring me to be more honest with myself about mine!

    (and de-activating the facebook makes it even more of a slam dunk… although you seem to not miss it quite as much as I do!)

    -Diane K.


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