Lent 2: Disrupted

Day two of Lent’s progress to new life did not go as planned.  As alluded to in my Lent 1 post, I began the day trying to help my wife get her car out of the snow, prophesying that if her 4WD was having difficulty getting out of the driveway, then the 2WD with my name on it was even less likely.  It’s not like the word of the Lord came to me on that…more like the laws of nature and Murphy.  But I had things to do dang it.  I had plans and hopes.  So I tried…and, yes, I failed.  I got stuck in the same crevice falling off my driveway that got me on Tuesday.  Plans hereby on hold.  It was totally frustrating.  As I called my wife and explained the circumstances, the frustration of the past two weeks just barfed out.  It was the height of my need to get out meeting the height of the difficulty of getting out.  The ego bruised as my throat turned raw and the many hours sweating out in the snow, being at one with the shovel, rewarded me with a rebelling sinus system.  I did manage to get M’s car and get out for a few hours, but the frustration would not end there.

What has happened to Toy Story?  I can’t find it anywhere!  My hoped for plans for church on the weekend turned left again.

The tow truck came and did not take my wife’s presence seriously, moved the car approximately 3 feet, still embedded in the offending crevice.  I came to terms with the day as I pulled M’s car in just enough to get out of the street.  Really, many more have it worse than me.  My frustrations are mine.  They may or may not be worse than others.  Really, not much was damaged, except the aforementioned ego.  Who needs that anyway?

As I entered the house and removed my boots and the wet gloves that have stained my hands black, I tried to give it to the Lord.  And the Lord, bless his heart, actually took it.  Dinner was leftovers, but satisfying leftovers.  M&I watched Princess Bride, on of my favorite movies.  M baked a cake.  All is okay.  Not perfect, but okay.

As for my disciplines:

1a)  Driving the speed limit–Once I got out, I did okay.  M’s car is fun to drive, but I managed to catch myself going too fast a couple of times.

1b)  Foul language–FAIL.

2)  Fasting lunch–Well, I did forgo a proper lunch.  But I did eat a handful of cookies at 11AM and Twizzlers at 3:30PM.  So the letter of the law was only barely followed and spirit of it was definitely NOT followed.

3)  Facebook free–Yes, I did that one well.  I even cut out the quick video games that waste a lot of time.

4)  Reading–Picked up the Niebuhr book in my office but have yet to crack it.

5)  One strictly between me and God–Check!

6)  Visiting parishioners–Not yet, expect to begin this Sunday.

Well…today is a new day.  No time to dwell on the past, but a new future to live.

Image: “detour” by Shannon K

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