Tithing Isn’t Christian

Last night was our budget meeting. We talked about our giving, wondered what we’re going to do for falling short on apportionments and bemoaned not having enough. A conversation arose about tithing. The older generation tithed as a ‘duty’. Others expressed how tithing gets rewarded: with further wealth or at least security. I’m a slower thinker, but I make up for it by being thorough (I … Continue reading Tithing Isn’t Christian

How Non-Churches do Stewardship

REI voluntarily audits its practices every year to measure their proficiency in areas of “Community”, “Sustainable Operations”, and “Workplace”.  They call this Stewardship.  As a co-op, REI is accountable to more than just ‘shareholders’.  Each major category has an overall goal (under “Workplace” REI states a goal of being “a nationally recognized top employer”).  You can read the 2010 audit right here. I’m an REI … Continue reading How Non-Churches do Stewardship

Money Matters in Church

I stepped off of the pulpit area to speak to the congregation.  This is not totally unusual.  But on this particular Sunday, the priestly role blurs with the pastoral role.  I am still called to lead, to help others pray, confess, praise, repent, convert, sanctify and serve.  Today, though, the topic was a prickly one: money. Strangely, the passage around which we worshiped is one … Continue reading Money Matters in Church