Dear Mr. President (-Elect) 12Nov2020

Dear Mr. President (-elect), Congratulations on your election as President of the United States. I am inspired by your perseverance. And I want you to know that I’ll be praying for you daily: for your health, your happiness and success in your work. Last July (2019), I traveled to El Paso, TX, joining hundreds of clergy and spiritual leaders. We were there, troubled in our … Continue reading Dear Mr. President (-Elect) 12Nov2020

What Christians and Americans can Learn from Judaism

then you shall say to your children, ‘We were Pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt, but the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. I’m thinking of this line in Deuteronomy. God’s people are regularly reminded that they were once slaves in Egypt. This reality is encoded in their law and enshrouded in their holidays. The reality of slavery even informed Jews of their inhumane … Continue reading What Christians and Americans can Learn from Judaism