Praying for GC 2019 Pt 3

Dear Church, Sorry this is a day late. A month from today, the United Methodist Church will be almost half-way through General Conference 2019, the process whereby we will determine our church’s position on matters of human sexuality. That position will be consequential. In my research to understand the deep ramifications of General Conference 2019, I came across this article about the various petitions that … Continue reading Praying for GC 2019 Pt 3

Immeasurable Loss

Turn in Your Pre-Conference Journal to page… Is there a statistic anywhere of LGBTQ+ clergy who have fled the UMC for other denominations or other fields of service? I suspect not. I further suspect that there is no accounting for the LGBTQ+ laity we have lost to other denominations as a result of the ongoing consternation over including LGBTQ+ people in the denomination. I ask … Continue reading Immeasurable Loss

Council of St. Louis?

or What the Council of Jerusalem can tell us about General Conference 2019. Introduction After Easter, I’ve been exploring Acts with my congregation. The concept was ‘let’s see what people did with the news that Jesus rose from the dead’. The second understanding was that Pentecost gave the Holy Spirit-the fiery courage to take the gospel to all the world, but the resurrection of Jesus … Continue reading Council of St. Louis?

Tradition as a Spiritual Foundation

Since marrying almost 11 years ago, I have entered the realm of another family’s traditions. It’s nothing new. Ever since Cain met that girl from somewhere else, family traditions have always come and gone and evolved. As a child, I never thought much of the traditions of my family. They seemed plain and were less taught than assumed. During holy seasons, you went home, gathered … Continue reading Tradition as a Spiritual Foundation

Dude, I love the United Methodist Church, but I can also live well without it: A thought or two on Schism.

About a year ago, a family circumstance forced me to reconsider my profession as an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. The family circumstance called for a greater income that I could ever hope to make in the church. I informed my DS and bishop of the circumstance and began to look for work. There were lots of intriguing options and I submitted about a dozen resumes and … Continue reading Dude, I love the United Methodist Church, but I can also live well without it: A thought or two on Schism.

Something Happened on the Way to General Conference

General Conference 2012 is approaching.  Petitions are submitted; delegates are elected; travel arrangements are being made; reimbursement accounts being tapped, as we speak.  One might get the illusion that it’s a big deal. I was part of the illusion.  Three times in the past twelve years, I applied to be a Page or a Marshall at General Conference.  Never expecting to be elected as a … Continue reading Something Happened on the Way to General Conference