Perkatory: Discipleship at My Dream Church

This is part of a series I’m writing about My Dream Church. My Dream Church is a Cafe Church (not a church with a cafe). See the Introduction here. I have been thinking about My Dream Church, a cafe church called Perkatory. This series is allowing me to think and rethink church, and update my understanding of what a church is and what it does. Perkatory … Continue reading Perkatory: Discipleship at My Dream Church

And That’s When I Became an Evangelist

I’ve never been successfully evangelized.  I’ve never successfully evangelized anyone else.  I’m a recovering cynic, but a solid skeptic.  I believe in people rather easily, but I doubt ideas, theories, conspiracies, etc.  I believe in God.  I help others believe in God and live out that belief.  I try to practice compassion and hospitality, as that seems like a large part of who Jesus is. … Continue reading And That’s When I Became an Evangelist

Winning and Losing at Annual Conference

My opposition to a proposed measure extending the West Virginia Annual Conference‘s quadrennial focus on evangelism garnered a few atta-boys, which was really nice.  The measure also passed by a score of everybody else-to-about 6.  I have never garnered the courage to speak on the floor of the Annual Conference session.  I had a good argument chiseled out in my brain.  I walked into the … Continue reading Winning and Losing at Annual Conference

Evangelism: Why I’m Voting ‘No’

A Proposed Resolution at the 2011 session of the West Virginia Annual Conference (#wvac2011) seeks to renew our current quadrennial focus on Evangelism.  The proposed resolution is entitled “Making Disciples Who Make Disciples” to be the 2012-2016 Quadrennial Focus.  I will be voting no on this measure for several reasons. The Church exists to serve others. My main objection to the Resolution is its self-centeredness.  … Continue reading Evangelism: Why I’m Voting ‘No’