On Trans

I had a trans woman in a previous congregation. Before transitioning, she had served in the military, reaching a high rank. She lost everything in the transition: job, military benefits, spouse, and was more-or-less homeless when I knew her. What she did gain by transitioning was a sense of freedom to be who she wanted... Continue Reading →

Adventures of O

Note: I've been telling bedtime stories to my son (age 4). Here's one of them. Once upon a time there was a young boy named Ollie. And Ollie loved to read. He loved books of all kinds: books about animals, books about spaceships, books about cooking, books about flowers and books about the ocean. One... Continue Reading →

Project Transformation, Day 1

I remember my first week as a camp counselor. I had just finished two years in a very intense children's home. I had done summer camp before. I had a college degree under my belt. I was accomplished and capable. Then the kids came. I was paired with an experience co-counselor, who grew up going... Continue Reading →

Pulse and the Church

Being the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting which claimed 29 lives, I am thinking of the environment in which that tragedy occurred. It would be easy for me to say, 'I wasn't a part of that'. I live nowhere near Orlando. I am not gay. I hate dancing. The communities and people involved are... Continue Reading →

On Bishop Oliveto

Everything I've ever learned about loving my LGBTQ neighbors as myself, I learned through the United Methodist CHurch. Everything I've learned about fully including, welcoming and valuing LGBTQ people in the church and society at large, I learned through the UMC. This weekend, while the church was spinning from the Judicial Council's decision regarding Bishop... Continue Reading →

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