About a month ago, a series of convergences helped me. I was called troll and blocked online I walked down a muddy hill. “You’re just a troll, and a piss poor one at that.” With those words, the admin of the Uncensored Ridgefield Facebook group blocked me. Several others followed suit. And my time in the group abruptly ended. If I saw this admin around … Continue reading Convergences

Trump goes Biblical at St. James Church

If you’re looking for a Biblical parallel to Trump’s photo stunt in front of St. James Church, look no further than the “desolating sacrilege” of Daniel chapter 9. Jesus had his own warning about the desolating sacrilege in his day (Matthew 24). What’s the Desolating Sacrilege? Daniel petitions the Lord for mercy for Jerusalem, who has been overrun with corruption and injustice. Daniel confesses his … Continue reading Trump goes Biblical at St. James Church

Perhaps I’ll Die in the Fog of Dementia

Perhaps I’ll die in the fog of dementia.Perhaps I’ll forget what buttons do and I’ll get mad because I am cold and madder because someone I don’t know is putting a jacket on me.Perhaps I’ll look into those eyes and not recall our decades of moving and being as one. Will I know you still love me?Even then, maybe I’ll forget the world is full … Continue reading Perhaps I’ll Die in the Fog of Dementia

This Week in Ministry

This Week in Ministry was very incarnational. Sunday (12/15) Baptized a 6-week old. Children’s Pageant #1 was classic, funny and delightful. O was excellent as Joseph. Children’s Pageant #2 was more contemporary and equally delightful. O was excellent as a shepherd. A was excellent as one of the narrating actresses. Also observed a town-acquaintance gracefully help is father enjoy the pageant. Monday Last real office … Continue reading This Week in Ministry

The “I” Has It

A good pastor or public theologian must be ‘anthropologically curious’. Being curious about people ought to be a natural gift of any minister. And there are two main skills that go with being ‘anthropologically curious’: 1) Being able to ask good questions and 2) listening without prejudice. Unless danger is sensed, people will most often tell you the truth: either The Truth (which is rare), … Continue reading The “I” Has It

WHY CHURCH? To Give Order and Structure in a Chaotic World

You probably expect me to pray for you. That’s fair. And I do, even if I keep a fairly open definition of prayer. I think about you all the time. I fret over you and on your behalf. If I know your current dilemma or your current blessing, I worry or smile accordingly. As a clergyperson, I try to do the old Levite thing, which … Continue reading WHY CHURCH? To Give Order and Structure in a Chaotic World

One More Thing about Crosses

I suffer from FOMO. This stands for “Fear of Missing Out” and describes the phenomena of checking social media obsessively. One does this to not “miss out” on a funny or important post from your friends, your favorite news site or your favorite media outlet. It is automatic most of the time. When my conscious mind re-emerges, I usually feel horribly wasteful and vain. Also, … Continue reading One More Thing about Crosses