Office Hours

8:00AM–Leave for churches.  Drop bulletins into 2 of 3.  Pray in one.  Scramble because I forgot my childrens’ message prop. 9:00AM–Church 1–Our only nonagenarian arrives as we pass the peace.  She is stopped by a sea of hugs, handshakes and well-wishes.  This group is so warm and loving.  Out of 18 in attendance, we had 3 children <9, one aged 94, one twenty-something (who herself … Continue reading Office Hours


One of the things that I have begun doing is a children’s message during Sunday worship.  I know, almost everyone does that.  I was so bad at these at the beginning that I stopped doing it.  Routinely, I would be under-prepared–even trying to figure out what I was going to do as I drove down the hill to church on Sunday morning.  Not good. At … Continue reading Childishness